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Twill Tape

Twill tapes use a higher, finer thread count, making them sturdier but more delicate to be used in tailored garments. The different twill designs woven into each style create a crisp, unique appearance. Twill tapes are made of various materials, but the most common are cotton and wool. Wool twill tapes have molecular structure that makes it stain resistant and elastic. It stretches to mold around the curves of a tricorn hat or keep stockings gathered, yet has a tensile strength greater than cotton.

Twill tapes are decorative and long lasting, whether they are used to make strips on a lady's skirt, or to replicate the binding on a wallet. Color options are bright and clear, but may be easily dyed to "muddy" them up.


We are specialized in manufacturing superior quality twill tapes, which are durable and sturdy. These are widely used in various industries. Besides cotton, we make use of a variety of materials for manufacturing our range of twill tapes.

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